Season of Change

So much change happening in my life these days! Spending more time with family is never a bad thing, especially when one wants to ensure their children grow up exposed to such things as …say… knowing how a green bean came to be? Yep, guess what? Green beans are NOT from cans, people! I had a bit of an epiphany today when laughing at myself regarding my aversion to grocery stores. It’s pretty simple really. I just hate what they stand for.

Food comes from FARMS. Food doesn’t need to be doused in pesticides, full of HFCS, be genetically modified, wrapped in fancy-schmancy, non-eco friendly packaging.

It’s just simple. FOOD in it’s natural state.

Do what you can, especially in the warmer growing seasons. Get yourself out to a local farm, support a CSA. Make sure you thank the folks who make their livelihood from ensuring we can know where good, fresh food comes from.

And while I’m up on this soap box, I’d like to thank my CSA: Kirk Farm.

They are an amazing farm. If you live local, go check ’em out. Tell them that crazy Granola Goth sent ‘cha! 🙂

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