..the thing about packets..

I was having a quick IM conversation with a friend from the Left Coast about “talking shop”. You see, we’re both Aries and.. it just kinda happens. Get two geeks in a room and suddenly lots of big words, acronyms, netspeak and so forth. And so.. the conversation went something like this:

“So we should hang. No shop talk.”
“How do I not talk shop? I love packets.”
“The thing about packets? They congeal. Then you can wad ’em up in a tissue and flush ’em down the toilet.”

–see, cause these are the sorts of folks I hang out with. We also had a great discussion on what the next colour of my hair should be. The jury is out on that!

Our CSA yield was tremendous today.
2 lettuce heads
Bok Choi
Tons of Peas
Garlic Scapes
Marigold plants
Creeping Zinnia

So many delicious veggies. And a discussion about packets. What a great day..! 🙂

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