Bizzy like Beez..

Boyyyyy-HOWDY are we busy!

There is just so much fun stuff going on here it makes my head hurt. Okay, really.. there IS a lot of busy work going on that I thought you, my faithful readers, would like to be in on. Besides the many, MANY custom herbal orders you’ve been requesting (those are the best part, keep that coming and don’t forget to tell your friends!) Drum roll please . .

So here’s deal, grab a nice glass of iced tea and..

.. what do you mean you don’t have any iced tea? Have you NOT been paying attention? In a few more minutes you can fix that by going to our store and buying some! *sigh*

  • Effective today, we’re taking Visa, MasterCard and Discover along with Google Checkout for our method of payment!
  • Effective today, we now have GREAT new rates from FedEx!

And now here’s the big one. Are you sitting down? Good.

  • I am so pleased to be able to offer a few new products that are green, natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. We have 4 new vendors that will be featured on our website, the first of which just was posted this morning.
  • The products that will post have been carefully chosen for their low environmental impact, for being good for your family, and a whole LOT of fun!
  • Check back this week and next for new vendor items that are family friendly and sustainable.

Hope you like the new changes! Drop me a line and let me know!

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