..and we’re off…

I’m happy (and tired, oh so tired!) to announce that finally, the Haberlin’s Herbals storefront is up and running. Our new, Eco-Friendly/Natural Notions category is featuring two great product lines right now:

  • Rockin’ Green Soap – Fantastic natural soap, designed for diapers but works great on all clothes (smells sooooo yummy too!)
  • Piggy Paint – Such a fun thing, non toxic nail-polish, great colors, no fear of nasty chemical ickies!

My family has been “officially testing” these products for a while now, we’re extremely pleased with both. My older daughter is especially thrilled to be the official tester for Piggy Paint. She’s always willing to have brightly fashionable colors on her toenails or fingernails. Her latest fave has to be the Mac N-Cheese Please with a couple of Radioactive coats on top. Who can argue about a bright orange, glow in the dark, mani/pedi?

Our younger daughter is still in diapers (though, who knows for how much longer!) and the Rockin’ Green has dramatically improved the “stinkies” that were becoming rather.. uh… obvious(?) in her 16+ mo old AIOs. While we’ve only started to strip and rewash our unbleached cotton prefolds, I’m counting on the same dramatic effects. Those diapers are absolutely brighter, softer, cleaner and fresh smelling. Oh, and before I forget? The Pail Fresheners? You gotta get one of these. If you’ve got a wet-pail in your house, you REALLY need one. What a huge, deliciously smelling difference this stuff makes. One of my good friends reports that RGS has proven to be an excellent oil stain remover. He’s always in the kitchen cooking and told me his shirts no longer have oil stains after one wash in RG. Now that’s something to rock about!

Other news and announcements for you:

  • If you live in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire areas you are welcome to pick up your order. Please contact me to arrange for a date/time after you complete checkout. You’ll see an option for “in store pickup” once you log in under shipping options. This is a courtesy for my local customers and will be subject to a small handling fee.
  • Please feel free to call! Yes, on the telephone. But wait, there’s cool gadgetry at work here! You’ll notice the very large “CALL ME” button on the left hand side-bar of our website, yes? Follow along now…
    • Click it, enter in YOUR phone number (wait, wait… you’ll see!) and..
    • Wait… why is your phone ringing? Go ahead… answer it!
    • Ahh… now you’ll be connected through The Interwebs direct to us.
    • Now you can oooooh…ahhh…technology rules.

Thanks for bearing with us while we go through these changes. Look for coupons, specials and more great herbal products made especially for you..!

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