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In which I rave about technical support?

No, it’s fine. The world isn’t coming to an end yet. And yes, I am usually very critical about Technical Support. I’ve spent the majority of my professional life helping others fix, manage or otherwise remedy their own technical support issues. I’ve done this from the help desk perspective, all the way up to managing…

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My “Calm”

It’s late. Very late. I just had to make a cup of my newest tea! Well, okay. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to be sure you knew about “Calm” since it is quite a lovely cuppa! Calm has quite a story, actually. I’ve been experimenting with night-time soothing blends for some time now,…

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Mid-Winter Break

Need a break from the mid-winter blues? I know I do! Try some Happy Tea! Delicious served hot or even iced, this tea will relax, refocus and give you a bit of summer in a cup. Breathe deeply, close your eyes.. and ahhhhhh……! Now through February 18, receive 10% off Happy Tea with coupon code…

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