My “Calm”

It’s late. Very late. I just had to make a cup of my newest tea! Well, okay. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to be sure you knew about “Calm” since it is quite a lovely cuppa!

Calm has quite a story, actually. I’ve been experimenting with night-time soothing blends for some time now, but not really found one that resonated with me. I wanted something flavorful, with good aromatic notes, but also slightly sedative without the groggy factor. Basically, I wanted this tea. 🙂

A few weeks ago I stopped into one of the local cafes with the Youngest Child in tow for a snack. It was my first time in that particular venue since they’ve only recently opened. I met Luke and Katie and found we had a few things in common, the biggest being the passion for local wares and supporting local businesses. They asked for a few tea and syrup samples and I was only too happy to provide them with my famous Elderberry Syrup, some “Happy” and of course the then-dreamed-about-but-not-quite-marketed “Calm” blend.

Between then and yesterday we’d been fortunate enough to experience not one, but TWO snow storms netting our area an obscene amount of snow. Seriously obscene. It’s so obscene I can’t even blog about it, for fear every server or social media outlet will melt in horror! On Monday, however, the email goddesses smiled upon me and delivered a lovely note from Luke thanking me for the samples and other fine pleasantries about how much his Sampling Team loved the goodies. The feeling is quite mutual, I must say. The pastries created at Blackbird Cafe are amazing! YUM! Stop in and tell them I sent you, they’re lovely folks with a delicious menu. Oh right, about the tea..

Well, suffice to say, I’m flattered and quite pleased. And so, welcome to the menagerie my latest tea…”Calm“..!

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