In which I rave about technical support?

No, it’s fine. The world isn’t coming to an end yet. And yes, I am usually very critical about Technical Support.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional life helping others fix, manage or otherwise remedy their own technical support issues. I’ve done this from the help desk perspective, all the way up to managing a worldwide managed service support offering. I know the difference between good support and really, truly craptastical support.

Recently I decided to migrate my email, domains, and other technologically inclined toys from one Google Apps domain to another. I don’t have the time to tweak applications, servers, etc anymore. I used to find such a job completely refreshing since really, it was me vs. technology. But, as the owner of a small business, I am responsible for so much more. It’s been a big lesson for me to understand what I can realistically do and what I can do. Outsourcing to a company like Google didn’t really give me much pause.

So, most readers know I am also Mama to two very young, very energetic podlings. The youngest of which is just 22 months and the oldest is 4.5 years old. When I’m not blogging or helping others find their way in the Herbal and Holistic Realm, I’m usually found doing fun art projects with the girls. Or studying like mad to finish my degree at ACHS. Actually, that’s completely backwards. I primarily am doing fun art projects with the girls. The rest kind of fits in as it can around that. 🙂 My point? Did you ever try and focus on anything highly technical in 15 minute (if I was lucky) increments while helping the older podling glue pipe cleaners on a home-made kitty-cat craft? Yeah.. It’s kind of maddening, especially if you are a perfectionist …. er.. I mean sucker for task guided migrations. It took me two days to make the migration, something that should have really taken maybe 4 hours.

In that two days I had play dates, though. Well, for the kids. 🙂

Suffice to say, my migration to the new Google Apps account is complete and everything is WAD. Oh, sorry. Working As Designed (I couldn’t help myself, RWC!)

Wait, where was I going with this?? Oh right.. DNS. In order to migrate accounts, I needed to switch DNS. Which I did and have the lovely screenshots to prove this. No you may not see them. In the process, something was not working properly with Google’s verification and I found out all my mail going to Haberlin’s Herbals began to bounce back to the sender. This is not good, and so, I opened my support case with Google Apps, via email.

In a nutshell? I lost maybe 8 minutes worth of mail. That’s impressive. I had a technician force the verification based on my screenshots. He was awesome and even followed up a few hours later, after I’d given permission to close the case. Now that’s kick-ass service…!

So, 5 star review of Google App’s Technical Support team, specifically for Jeff C somewhere here in the great US of A. Thanks for your help and the follow-up, even though you were off duty at the time.

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