Respect the Mama!


Seriously. WOW.  I know a lot of smart Mamas. That might seem like a very big “duh, -g. of course you do.” but seriously, ladies. You rock! So many Mama’s are home, working, with kids and great home businesses that blog. Blogging, sure. No biggie, I’ve been blogging since .. well, I .. Ok.. let me explain.

Technically I have kept a journal in some form or another since 4th grade. I moved “online” in 1999 and have maintained a private blog for my own personal use. BC (that’s Before Kids) I would blog at least once per day. Often it would be more, but it would get done. I enjoyed it. It’s cathartic, it gave me a way to “work out”  in a visual, verbal fashion. AK (yes, After Kids) I decided to blog again in a more public fashion and concentrate it on my passion for Herbal Medicine, Green Living and Natural Parenting. I did this to give a voice to my business, but also to be able to help connect The Big World to the person behind the products and advice they were being given.

What does this have to do with Smart Mamas that blog? Well, a lot actually. Some of them blog to support their businesses, some of them blog for family and friends to keep up with. Some even blog just to show what kind of cool crafts they do with their kids (and let me tell you, this particular Mama has saved my sanity on MANY a snow day!). Some tickle the business minded person inside me with her witty, often sarcastic but always very, very resonating advice. I even have a wicked cool blogging dad which helps me stay in touch with my inner Nerd (and really, I’m a huge fan). There’s a rocking, feminist, soon-to-be-lawyer mama who constantly shows me that you can bust your butt 36 hours a day and still manage to sound sane and.. well.. she just kicks ass, okay?

And here I am, trying to support my business. Maintain my Kickass Mama status. Keep the house clean. Feed the family Nutritious Meals. Finish school! Shower. Feed (and care for) the animals that live on our farm. And trust me when I say that part about showering, really.. I have to schedule that!  🙂

The blogging part? It’s always on my mind. I write posts in my head. Or sometimes using Evernote on my Droid. Some of the posts are brilliant (my perspective) and relative. Some of them are parts and pieces of a larger picture that I’ve yet to expand on. My biggest problem is getting it down where it can flow into a proper post and actually publish it. Even now, as I’m sitting here writing this, my poor husband is stuffing AIO diapers and goal-tending the girls. I should be helping! But, instead I’m determined to finish this post. The point, dear reader, is I’m trying to ride this learning curve and get it all done. I know I can’t, and I won’t. I’d like to try, though. I’d also like to know I’m not alone in what I’m accomplishing. My Bloggin’ Mamas are my support and for that I am grateful.

Chances are, you know a Mama Blogger. Next time you see one, pull out a chair, offer her a drink (coffee, tea, martini..). Heck, offer to watch the kids for 10 minutes so she can shower in peace. Fold some cloth diapers! Show her some respect for doing all she does.

We’re worth it.

PS: Want to read what I’m reading on these fantastic blogs? Look on the website to the right for the “Recommended Reading” pane. If something warrants a comment by me, you’ll see that also!

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