Woodland Babe

© 2011 - Network Herbalist / Ida Mae Photography

There’s just something about the woods in late spring. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine joined us for a walk through Groton’s Rail Trail system. She caught a lovely opportunity of my daughter doing what she does best.. just being herself.

Okay so I am secretly proud of the fact that she looks distinctly Elven in this photo. Maybe there was some hanky-panky with Legolas. I’m sworn to secrecy so.. I’ll never tell.

I’m also proud of the fact that this photograph represents my daughter so well in the element she adores. She loves to be out in the woods or out exploring various garden beds on our farm. She’s absolutely the daughter of an Herbalist.


After a particularly tough day.. one afternoon we were out in the backyard playing. She wanders off to her own garden and comes back with a handful of Lemon Balm and hands it to me.


“Mama, can I eat this?”

“Yes. You can. Why?”

“I’m feeling out of sorts. This will help me calm down.”


..well okay then.

Lemon Balm it is.

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