Magic Carpet Tea

As a self proclaimed Tea Snob, I was very excited to hear about Magic Carpet Tea and their Oolong Date offering. Happily, on this damp, chilly New England morning, I was able to brew my first cup. Here are my thoughts on this inventive blend:

Packaging: the label is very nice, but lacks the proportions of tea/water. Just the water temperature and steep time. The packaging was the usual vacuum resealable bag, but was difficult to open & required scissors. Wish they’d consider something a bit more sustainable, but overall it was decent.

First Visual/Aromatic Impressions: Really decent ratio of fruit to tea, not a lot of dust or fannings. Sadly, this is pretty common and I was very happy to see medium to whole leaves among the dried date pieces. It smells AMAZING. Absolutely can find the fruity date notes among the sweet woody aromas of the Oolong. Smells delish, that’s for sure! (for a great tea grading summary see here.)

Brewing/Taste: I used 1 tsp to 8oz of 180 degree water for 3 minutes. The end result being a golden, fragrant cup. I chose to not sweeten since I wanted to fully experience what the blend had to offer. I was surprised that the date came through so well, especially on the finish. I don’t find the need to sweeten this tea at all. I highly advise trying it straight up! The tea is refreshing and I can see this being an excellent iced tea blend for hot summer days. It also makes a great cup for a chilly fall morning and I’m certainly going to be making a second cup.

Overall: Awesome tea! Check them out and get yourself a stash. There’s a current coupon expiring today for 50% off: OOLONGDATE so don’t waste time! 🙂


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