Cool Down With Summer Herbal Teas

Summer herbal tea- red tea.

There’s nothing more refreshing in the summer than Red Tea.


While I love living in New England, I don’t care much for the winters here, and I relish playing outside in the summer months. Sitting by the pool this summer and tempted by poolside drinks?

Instead of reaching for a high caffeine iced latte or even worse, a martini that can dehydrate your body even more (as much as we might need a fun and relaxing drink), herbal teas will cool you down, quench your thirst and soothe your body.

Even more fun is to let the sun brew your tea, leave herbs in water until it’s strong enough for your preference. In the mornings, I can’t do anything until I’ve had some green tea. Hey, it beats coffee! 🙂

And they’re a cinch to make, all you need is fresh water, herbs and a container. Two Tablespoons of herb per quart of water.

What are the best herbs to use for summer teas?


• Peppermint
Peppermint is relaxing and relieves heartburn and indigestion.

• Raspberry leaf
For women, raspberry leaf balances the hormones and is a great source of B-Vitamins.

• Chamomile
Chamomile is perfect for sleep, relieves colds, and is an excellent source of Magnesium.

Mixing herbs can provide new tastes, but be sure the right combination of herbs and the right quantities are used. This recipe is perfect to cool down in the sun:

1 tablespoon Red Tea (order Red Tea here)

2 organic oranges, sliced into rounds
1 quart mason jar

Add all to the jar and top with cold water. Cover and leave outside  in the sun to brew for a full day.

For more hand blended organic teas, click here!

This summer, have fun exploring herbal teas that heal the body and refresh your spirit.


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