What Keeps You Stuck and the #1 Way to Get Unstuck

WinterCleanseJanuary 1st we reflect on what changes we made this last year, and we focus on goals and dreams for 2014. Yet, by the middle of January, we feel disheartened, stressed out, and stuck in old patterns and habits.

The cold weather doesn’t help, and as we hibernate inside, we seek comfort foods and cycles that put us at ease. We find ourselves stuck in perpetual cycle of taking care of others, whether it is our family, work or just getting out the door without freezing!

Intentions of better health, lifestyle changes and self care go out the window. And all of a sudden, we feel stagnant, stuck and in rut of stale energy. And our bodies feel it. We may feel bloated, weighed down, or fatigued. But more than anything, we just feel yucky. So what do we do? We could stay where we are or…

The #1 Way to Get Unstuck

Are you ready?

Self-Compassion and Love

Seems easy, right? But for many of us, self-love is really difficult. Why? Because we spend so much energy taking care of others, what we need always falls off the to-do list.

This January, instead of making promises to yourself that you won’t keep, uncover more passion, energy and fire in your belly! We’ll start by eliminating foods that clutter our bodies, and add herbs and nourishing foods that will sustain your body.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Angela Sydnes of The Wildcrafted Way to bring you Revolutionize Your Body: A 10-Day Energy Jumpstart. Most detox programs are deprivation diets, where you feel hungry and deprived of everything you love.

Not here! We are bringing you our A-game, with a program that includes deep personal change work—to bring much needed energy to the New Year!

We know the world needs a program that not only brings you nourishing foods to heal your body, but an amazing program where you discover that renewed energy, where you can flourish!

As an added bonus, we’ll create an herbal kit customized just for you, which will add revitalizing a spring in your step and flow to your day that will ignite your passion!

It’s time to clear the clutter out of your life! Register here at WildCrafted Cleanses.



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