Step Into Your Sunlight: Herbal Remedies that Lift the Spirit

Blog SunsetHave you ever found yourself down and out?

One thing starts it all off, that broken cup as you were making morning coffee. And the rest of the day just goes down hill from there. By 10am, you wish you could just throw a blanket over your head and go back to sleep.

So when the next day is just as depressing, you have to ask, what is going on?

Yes, nutrition does affect our mood. When we find ourselves binging on sugar or processed foods. Our bodies feel it, and we are weighed down, literally.

But, we also absorb toxins from other places. From where, you might ask? Toxins are in our water and air as well as our food, they are in the clutter around us, and even in our negative talk to ourselves.

Over time, the build up of all these dismal energies can lead to imbalances both physically and emotionally.

Just as nature cycles into the blooming season of spring, we too are naturally moving into a rhythm of growth and renewal.

It’s difficult to access this feeling of growth with all of these pestering negative energies around.

This spring, it’s time to tap into that vibrant energy just waiting to burst free. So how do you make that transformational shift to all that is melancholy to exuberance and bliss?

What Lifts the Spirit

When we find ourselves lethargic, down or depressed, we need nutrients for our bodies to recover and discover how to shine.

Returning to the basics with lots of water, coniferous vegetables, leafy greens is the perfect place to start. We are accessing the physical aspect of ourselves. The earth’s botanical herbs can also support us with their energetic properties.

Did you know that everything you eat has an energetic property?

Taste test: We taste not only with our taste buds, but also with our hearts. Have you ever eaten something and just knew it was not going to settle in your stomach?

Tuning into what you need that nurtures you is an essential piece of self care, and will help you make that leap into the joy of spring.

Need an extra boost?

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