The Disturbing Truth About Essential Oils

Many traditional cultures use the oils found within a plant for medicinal properties. As botanical coaches, herbalists, and healers, we take just what we need, and if we need a large quantity, we don’t take everything from one plant, we find many groves or fields.

Why? So that we don’t deplete the earth of it’s beautiful natural resources. By taking just what we need, we offer its use to others.

And by taking using plants from multiple places, we allow plants to replenish and regenerate. We aren’t the only ones who use plants. The natural order of our ecosystem depends on each and every plant to grow and thrive. Plants are grown again, allowing for them to be used again, and so begins a beautiful synthesis of give and take.

That’s why I have been so disturbed by so much information coming out about the use of essential oils. Here is one article about “Why The Essential Oil Craze”  that so eloquently shares why this disturbing use of essential oils is so damaging to the balance of our earth’s resources.

In Madhupa Mayprop’s article, an important lesson is brought home, that how we work in relationship to food, herbs, and plants is as important as what kinds of food, herbs, and plants we use. For an herbalist, it means treating and respecting our plants as we pull them from the earth’s soil. Not just ripping them out. We utilize ever part of the plant as we can, and we give thanks to the energy we are receiving from the plant.

For a health coach or their client, this process may be to slow down while eating, giving a moment of gratitude for the food’s resources, learning to prepare food to utilize every nutrient held within, and learning about the energetic properties within each food resource and how they interact with the body’s digestive processes.

Recently, health practitioners and consumers are being bombarded by essential oil representatives selling their product. Essential oil is one of those mass produced products, that just like make-up, may be made authentically, or it may not. It’s up to the consumer to research the benefits and dark side of this product.

Not only are essential oils harmful to the earth, but using too much of any particular essential oil can cause harmful biological reactions, including death in some cases. Concentration of these oils, in many cases, are too high when they are taken from a manufactured bottle or without individualized measures for proper dosages.

Instead of using essential oils, I urge health practitioners and their clients to return to the source. Many natural foods and herbs contain natural oils without processed chemicals or the risk of overdose, creating balance with the body because they are ingested with other minerals and vitamins.

For health coaches in particular, it may be confusing when a client wants to use essential oils as a part of relaxation therapy or in conjunction with a cleanse or detox. Health coaches may be unaware of the risks and reactions to such potent oils. And they may not realize how overuse of essential oils not only harms the body, but our natural earth’s resources as well.

Using the earth’s plants and herbs to heal and create long-lasting wellness, health coaches need individualized training from a highly skilled practitioner. Many traditional coaching schools don’t have the time to cover the nuances and aspects of each herb, or how they react in your client’s body.

That’s why, in my Mentorship Program, I am committed teach health coaches and other herbalists that many of the healing properties of essential oils are found just below your feet, or just above your head. And, that these plants provide a balanced nourishment for your whole self: body, mind, and spirit.