Playing in the Summer Sun: 5 Herbal Remedies for Your Skin

There’s nothing like the summertime, laying out on the beach listening to the waves roll by, frolicking in the water, a lazy stroll during the evening sunset. But, there’s nothing worse than waking the next morning to a searing and painful sunburn.

The summer sun can overheat our bodies, whether it’s dehydration over stimulating the body.

Check out these easy herbal remedies to keep your skin healthy and protected during the summer:

• Lemon water. In the morning, adding organic or natural lemon to your water will detox your liver, and keep you hydrated during the day. Rehydrating the body not only keeps all of your systems functioning properly in the heat, but also keeps the skin smooth and supple.• Grow your own aloe plant! Skip the medicine aisle at the drug store with sunscreens or skin coolants full of harmful preservatives and unhealthy chemicals.

While it does grow faster outside in the summer months, a potted aloe will do just fine indoors. Aloe can burn in direct sun, so keep it in indirect light. In the winter, protect your aloe from frost and the cold with a sheet for protection.

Use the gel within the stems for sunburns or as a skin coolant or moisturizer. Aloe is non-toxic, and has no side effects, except if taken in excess.• The gems of jewelweed! What to do if poison ivy and oak are lurking in the garden? If preventative measures such as gloves, long pants and garden boots still lead to contact with poison ivy, use natural drying agents such as witch hazel, jewelweed vinegar, oatmeal, and green clay.

To use jewelweed, slice the stem open, and use the jelly-like substance on your skin, just like using aloe. Perfect for poison ivy if you can’t wash off the itchy-oils.

• Plantain (the herb, not the fruit)! There’s nothing worse than pesky mosquito or chigger bites, especially in you live in a climate where insects multiply faster than you can get rid of them. Plantain leaves contain a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial natural astringent. For insect bites, prepare a plantain paste to rub over the bite.

To make the paste, pick a handful of leaves, rinse and grind them in a blender or mortar and pestle, if you have one on hand. If not, a blender will do! Add a little water to create a thick paste. Apply paste to the bite, and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

• Recycle and Reuse Peppermint tea bags! Peppermint tea can refresh your body on those sweltering summer days, also reducing headache symptoms, bloating and gas.

When you’ve finished your tea, save your peppermint tea bags, which can sooth itchy or irritated skin. Create a paste similar to plantain leaves above. Peppermint tea can also be frozen into ice cubes to rubbed on your skin for instant cooling relief!

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This summer, enjoy the succulent life of the outdoors with gardening, hiking, swimming, or just taking a relaxing nap on the porch. And, keep your body refreshed and nourished in the process!

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