Discover a Herbal Foundation for Your Next Cleanse: Botanicals 101


When was the last time you heard or said, “Go back to the basics?”

When our clients get stuck, we often recommend returning to the basics. The phrase is a reminder to return to a glass of water and lemon in the morning to detoxify the liver. Return to leafy greens that provide nutrients for the body, and a clean diet full of natural foods that builds the foundation for a strong, healthy body.

Just as we recommend avoiding processed foods, I advocate using fresh herbs for the same reasons. Manufactured drying and processing of herbs strips leaves for their natural energetic properties that our bodies need to thrive.

As a botanical coach, when I go back to the basics, I return to the phyto-nutrients that lie deep within a leaf. Yes, I love to stare at the leaves, and see the life within!

The summer is one of the best times to return to the source of botanicals because everything around us is in full bloom. After a summer storm, you can literally see plants reaching for the sun with greener and brighter leaves.

Not only do I look at the leaf of a plant, but also I look at how the entire plant, from root to tip can be used for its healing and nutrient properties. I examine how the sun, rain, and earth support this plant, and how this type of plant supports its environment, including our own bodies.

Botanical101For example, peppermint and spearmint supports the digestive system, settling the stomach, alleviating gas or bloat, and relaxes the intestines. Yet, it provides a broad spectrum of benefits. As a bonus, a phyto-chemical called rosmarinic acid has recently been discovered in peppermint, rosemary and other mints. This natural property opens up the respiratory system, beneficial to people who have asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory inflammations.

While the advantages of mint are plenty for the physical body, they are just as powerful for the mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. How do you feel when you smell the hint of mint? Just the aroma of mint calms and relaxes the mind and strengthens mental clarity.

Mint is the perfect alternative to clients who like stimulants such as coffee or soda, and supports the body and mind. Mint tea offers a relaxing way to unwind after a long day.

It’s easy to miss what’s right in front of us. Think of lost eyeglasses that have been perched on top of your head or a phone that is tucked in a back pocket.

With so many detox and cleanse programs out there, returning to what nature has to offer us gives you all the resources you need.

This summer, do your clients need that calm and comforting presence as they embark on natural health?

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