Open the Space for Winter Wellness: Art of Healing Holistic Center

The Art of Healing in Pepperell, MA

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What is it to be in a space of holistic healing?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to take care of ourselves, something always needing our attention? I don’t know about you, but when my children need me, there are times when what’s going on with me takes a back seat. And before I know it, I’ve fallen off the track, and usually get a loud wake up call that I need to take care of my own health.

See, if we let the neglect of ourselves build up, we can’t be there for those who need us the most, whether it is our family, our work, or our community.

Other times, I know if I can put myself on the airplane for some much needed rest and relaxation, in the car to drive to the farmer’s market, or even just out the door to spend some time gathering herbs (except when it’s a frozen winter wonder outside), I can restore my natural balance.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with Art of Healing Holistic Center!

This space opens the door for some much needed self-care! While I will provide face-to-face herbal remedies, nutritional and lifestyle support, you may also discover several types of massage, acupuncture, hypnosis and meditation; all utilizing the earth’s natural resources for health and wellness.

Even though snow has covered the roads, I’m so excited about providing expert holistic care to our community. For me, this means living directly into the work and service I am meant to do! There’s nothing like the feeling of changing our community, one member at a time, through the healing properties of natural herbs. Providing this kind of service makes my heart sing because I am sharing this amazing knowledge and wisdom of the ages!

The Botanical Coach offers herbal remedies.

(C) 2014 Botanical Coach

The winter is a time for hibernation, and our bodies need warmer, heartier herbs and nutrients to provide that layer of comfort.

The world doesn’t stop because the snow falls!

Our busy schedules lead us to sip on warm drinks full of sugar and caffeine, and as the holidays are fast upon us, temptations of sinful delights are everywhere. These sugary toxins can knock our bodies out of whack, so we are sluggish, moody, and irritable.

Using the natural properties of herbs, specifically to warm the body, you will still wake up feeling revitalized and alive!

If you’re feeling cranky in the cold, like your body has been neglected for way to long, schedule an appointment and get in the car!

Book now & use coupon code DEC25 25% off! 

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