The Delicious Aroma of the Holidays

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There’s something yummy about the holidays, the delicious aroma of spices and herbs that fill the cool, crisp air. Afternoons of baking homemade recipes take on a family affair, making warm soups, fun main dishes, and who can forget those healthy desserts that look and taste divine.

Spices become a staple during the holiday season. Who can miss a cup of warm apple cider spiked with a dash of cinnamon? Delightful!

Many spices are on sale at big box grocery stores, but don’t be fooled, processing spices and herbs strips them of natural healing properties. Not only that, but many bottles sit out in the store for a year or more, and spices stay dried spices only stay fresh for only about six months. It’s time to go through you herbal rack from last holiday season and replenish spices you haven’t used!

Don’t miss out on all of the benefits from using organic and natural spices this season.

  • Nutmeg relieves pain and indigestion, detoxified the body, and smoothes the skin. Growing on evergreen trees native to Indonesia, nutmeg is a sweet spice highly valued for its healing properties found in its oil and leaves.
  • Cinnamon boosts anti-oxidant levels by up to 13% and reduces triglycerides by 30%, regulating blood sugar, and boosts brain function.
  • Cardamom, well known in Indian cuisine, enhances detoxification in the liver, detoxification, and is found to prevent cancer in animals. One of the most valuable spices in the world, cardamom’s rich aroma provides stress relief.
  • Clove’s therapeutic healing properties are many including reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and relieves upper respiratory infections.

To utilize the full benefits of spices, purchase whole spices and grind them yourself, which not only retains beneficial properties, but also keeps the flavor. Visit a local, ethnic market to purchase spices free from containments often found in processed herbs.

Winter spices will warm the body and relax muscles, which tend to tense up in the frigid air. Used in soups, an additive to coffee, tea and cider, or used as aromatherapy, these botanicals will bring you into the celebrations of the holidays.

During this time of the year, many religious organizations use natural botanicals as incense and aromatherapy to bring us into the spiritual aspects of the holidays. Brew a cup of tea and add your favorite winter herb, melt into the holiday season!

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