Receive Your Botanical Coach Fermentation Ninja Certification

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Do you wonder what nutrients are hidden in your kitchen that you aren’t taking advantage of? When we’re tired and hungry, it’s easy to revert back to the recipes, healthy or unhealthy that are comfort food. But we aren’t giving ourselves the nourishment we need! Through fermentation of grains and vegetables, there’s a whole power pack of minerals and vitamins just waiting to support your body!

I’m thrilled to offer the Fermentation Ninja Certification through the Art of Holistic Healing. In this Certification Program, I am taking herbal medicine to a whole new level where you will receive group and one-on-one attention, fun filled tastings, and delicious recipes. Includes take-home starter kits so you can experiment at home.

Creating healthy recipes doesn’t have to be boring or hard; uncover the hidden richness through vegetable and grain fermentation!

Starting on Saturday, March 14th details and register here: