The Hidden Ninja: The Buzz and Benefits of Miso

Most of the Northeast has had a brutal winter this year, and we’re still digging out through snow mounds. We’ve all been looking for ways to stay warm, which has given me the perfect opportunity to play with soups, specifically fermented foods such as Miso and Tempeh.

Most Americans hear of Miso Soup when they order Japanese take-out, as an often bland appetizer soup with a hint of mushrooms. Yet, Miso made in its original form, is packed with hidden benefits, creating the perfect Ninja nutrient!

What is Miso? Miso is a paste made from traditionally made of soybeans and other gains fermented over time to create a enzyme-packed food. We’ve all been told to take pro-biotics to reduce harmful bacteria in the gut. And while there are many pro-biotics we can purchase, what if you could eliminate bacteria naturally?

Here are some little known facts about Miso:

  1. Lowering LDL cholesterol, Miso reduces the risk of heart disease and chronic illness.
  2. The all-mighty ninja of the gut, Miso stimulates the secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach, eliminates bacteria that causes a leaky gut, and restores beneficial flora and bacteria.
  1. Reduces the risk for certain cancers such as breast and colon cancer.
  1. Power-packed with antioxidants, which boost the immune system.

Miso is often called to add “umami,” called the fifth taste to any dish because of its sweet flavor and rich heartiness.

While Miso soup is the most obvious dish, there are many other delightful recipes to use Miso for your food palette.

As the snow begins to thaw and we venture into spring, it’s time to discover new and powerful nutrients that will give you the boost you need!

Piqued your interest?

The Fermentation Ninja Series offers fun tastings, delicious recipes, and leave ready to experiment on your own! Miso soup, Tempeh, and fermented vegetables are packed with essential amino acids, naturally restores beneficial bacteria, and are high in antioxidants.

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