The Stories Held in Our Bodies… and Herbal Remedies that Heal


What if your body could talk to you? What would your heart say to you? Is it aching, heartbroken, or soaring with excitement? What about your gut, where we hold anger, stress, and feel the emotional impact of trauma? Are your adrenal glands depleted?

How do you know?

Our emotional states are directly linked to our bodies, and vice versa. For example, holding anger can cause a headache.

Many studies have shown what we eat directly affects both our physical body and our emotional state. Recently, research is indicating that our very DNA holds memories of our ancestors.

Pretty amazing- right?

So when something is whacked out of balance, by internal or external forces, our body speaks to us.

As a botanical coach, my main role is to listen to story your body is telling you, and what your body needs to come back into alignment.

I also listen to the earth, discovering what types of herbs can address the symptoms the body is presenting.

Hormone Imbalances: A Case in Point

Many of my clients experience an emotional component to a physical symptom. For example, the insomnia and the inability to sleep. One of my clients would wake up at a certain time early in the morning. The adrenal glands were overworked, and there was a digestive component. While we began with digestive enzymes, along with water and peppermint, we also discussed the ability to let go.

Yet in another client with similar physical symptoms, the kidney and bladder were the main physical symptoms. In this case, there was a specific hormone imbalance, which called for a different herbal remedy. Once the hormone imbalance was addressed, the symptoms subsided.

Your body has a story to tell, are you listening?

I’ve been there- it’s difficult to listen to your own body. We make up stories about what is going on or succumb to the fear of what could be worse. We don’t get the help we need because we either ignore the issue (until we can’t anymore), or we are afraid of what could be going on with our bodies.

Sometimes the answer is obvious, it’s just not what we want to hear. The sugar-laced cake probably is going to spike your blood sugar and the next day, you may be in a depressed stupor.

What I can say as a botanical coach, is guiding people with physical and emotional symptoms through the healing process is the journey begins with listening to our bodies.

And in cases when we can’t figure out what is going on, we enlist help to guide us through the process of balancing the nutrients we need to feel energized, back to who we know we are at our best!

Contact me to discover what your body is saying to you. 

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