Bio Kinetic Muscle Testing: What is Your Body Asking For?

Many times, we experience striking cravings. They come in the form of sugar cravings: cookies, ice cream, soothing foods that may become addictive. We crave caffeine, something to get us through the morning or afternoons when we are fatigued or tired. We crave sleep, whether it’s at night or an afternoon nap after a long morning. We’re so tired; we can hardly keep our eyes open.

Yet, when we listen to our bodies, what we really find is what our body is really asking for: nourishment, energy, nutrients and minerals, hydration, rest, recovery, just to describe a few.

The same process happens when we look at what isn’t working right.

When we experience physical ailments, many times these symptoms are the surface of what are core issues. Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, digestion issues, gas or bloating, insomnia.

Yet, if we look deeper we may find we’ve eaten too many processed foods, an allergy to wheat, mineral toxicity, or a build up of environmental toxins.

Kinetic muscle testing is founded on a chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology, a simple process of testing a group of muscles through resistance. The most well known testing method is where a client holds their arm out, and the practitioner applied pressure. If the client is able to resist, there is alignment, and if not, something is out of balance.

Finding these imbalances gives us the deeper knowledge of what the body needs to come back into balance. When I incorporate medicinal testing, I am asking the body on a cellular level what herbs are needed. Instead of reading a prescription or relying on what is standard dosage, we can specifically identify what is too little or too much.

When we dive to the core and give our bodies what it is really asking to address, our cells feel revitalized and energized. We are lighthearted, focused, and feel like our best selves.

When we look at using herbals, supplements, and changing dietary needs, many times I will ask my client’s bodies what they need.

As an herbal coach, what am I doing? I am listening.

Taking a “wholistic” view, I listen to the whole person, and assess what herbal remedies will be most effective in aligning imbalances. At the most cellular level, our body responds energetically to herbal nourishment.

It’s in listening to the body we find the core of misalignment, and how to correct it, leading to optimal health and wellness.

So, what is your body asking for?

I’m excited to be offering bio kinetic botanical muscle testing in addition to my Botanical Coach Consultation Services. Interested?

Find more information here at The Botanical Coach!

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