Herbal Remedies: Replenishing the Depleted

“I feel like the life is just sucked right out of me.”

While this post isn’t about the living dead, have you ever felt depleted?

It described an experience of feeling dreadful fatigue, no energy, and no will to move forward. In a way, it does reflect when we feel like we are zombies, just moving in our own worlds without purpose or motivation.

Many things in our lives and deplete us of energy.

It may be one too many nights of a child waking in the middle of the night (physical). Or a project at work that just isn’t going well (emotional). Or being around a group of people that make you feel cranky and pessimistic (environmental). Or being stuck in a pattern that you can’t get out of no matter how hard you try (spiritual).

How do we come back to life?

The analogy is like a tree roots sharing nutrients to help other trees survive. In the same way, when we tap into life’s resources, we are revitalized.

Have you noticed that when you take a walk in the woods, you feel more connected, aware, and alive?

For a long time, research has shown that our environments can impact out health. Check out this article looking at how natural environments can heal the elderly.

But why? What is so restorative about engaging and interacting with the outdoors? Many times, we forget that we are made up of living cells, and we need fresh green foods and nutrients to survive.

Kinetic muscle testing is founded on a chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology, but the wisdom of the ages crosses time- natural herbalists have been listening to the body, and the earth throughout the ages. Applied Kinesiology is a confirmation from the body where that misalignment is, and what needs to come back into place.

For example, if a client has a severe allergic reaction, the muscle will not be able to resist simple pressure places on a group of muscles, suggesting a “weakness” or adverse reaction. If, however the body needs or agrees with a substance or herb, they will effortlessly be able to resist simple pressure.

Our bodies will create a compensation program when one aspect of ourselves is depleted, whether it goes on overdrive or simply rewires those circuits (to avoid pain for example).

By listening to the body through muscle testing, we can address places that are out of alignment and correct imbalances or compensation programs through herbal remedies and nutrition.

Giving ourselves the nutrients we need replenishes our bodies and our souls individually.

I’m excited to be offering bio kinetic botanical muscle testing in addition to my Botanical Coach Consultation Services. Interested?

Find more information here at The Botanical Coach!

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