Feeling Lighter: Herbs for Late Summer Dampness

Late summer begins the transition of the seasons, from the light of the sun in summer to the chilly months of hibernation. In the late fall, you may find yourself wanting to get outside more, opening the blinds to get more sun inside, and shifts in digesting and processing food.

We can also feel more lethargic and experience a range of physical changes such as fall colds and coughs, digestive issues, fuzzy mind, and general malaise.

The late summer can bring about, what in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) may call dampness, an abnormal state where energy collects and the body experiences a pathological accumulation of fluids: runny nose, congestion, coughing, seasonal allergies, and digestive problems.

Digestive issues are no fun and tend to be embarrassing. We feel weightier, bloated and experience issues with gas. But other ailments may be the symptoms of dampness such as joint pain. Head fog, mental distraction, and a low metabolism may all be caused by an imbalance of energy in the body.

Follow these tips to alleviate symptoms of late summer dampness:

1. Late summer is the time to shift our food sources to include herbs with a sweeter taste such as licorice, cardamom and ginger.

2. From the garden: include leafy greens such as kale, mustard greens, and parsley, which are all bitter foods and known to drain dampness from the boy.

3. This is also the time to shift how we eat foods. Instead of eating raw simple fruits and vegetables, cook up a hearty warm meal: this is the time I love to make warm soups.

4. Eat more slowly and calmly. Focus on meditation if you find yourself anxious or worried.

5. Get your body moving!

Have you ever felt heavy and lethargic on a rainy day? Dampness is not only in the foods we eat, but also in our environment as well. Dampness occurs when the seasons change to often gray and cloudy days. A consistent exercise routine will help keep your body moving in times of environmental dampness.

Don’t forget a cup of tea! Keep your body warm throughout the day by including a relaxing herbal tea with your morning breakfast.

If you are interested in adding late summer herbs to your diet to dry symptoms of dampness, book a consultation here: https://botanicalcoach.com/health/.

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