Revitalizing the Body: Herbal Remedies for Boosting Energy

Processed energy boosters have been in the news recently, and for all the wrong reasons. For example, both caffeine powder and energy drinks have been scrutinized after several people experienced an overdose.

It’s easy to look for the most popular, easiest way to consume energy, however harmful it may be for our bodies.

As a botanical coach, I do hear from clients who don’t feel like they have enough energy to get through the day. It may be that lethargic feeling where the day just drags on or feeling a burst of energy in the morning and collapsing in the afternoon.

There is not a one-fits-all fix, and it sure does not come from a bottle.

Think about it: we are made up of bones, muscles, and energy, we consume the earth’s food, which is energy, and we discard what we don’t need. Often times, physical ailments are symptoms of a misalignment elsewhere.

Through bio-kinetic muscle testing, a simple muscle test where your body resists or reacts to different stimuli, substances, or ideas. It is another tool to listen to your body to gauge where the source of misalignment is.

While many health and diet programs address the symptoms: losing weight, processing food, increasing energy, or boosting the immune system, in many cases, the source of misalignment remains. And a person is apt to fall back into old habits, hit a plateau with weigh loss, or experience the same ailments.

In addition, natural sources of energy such as ginkgo, green tea, and stinging nettle will give your body a boost. But, if it’s not what your body needs, the positive effects are short-lasting.

There are many factors in deciding what kind of herbal remedy is the right one for you, and how much to take. The first step is looking at the physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment and diving to the source, the place or places that are leading to the disarray of energy, and knocking out the physical.

I’m excited to be offering bio kinetic botanical muscle testing in addition to my Botanical Coach Consultation Services. Interested?

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