Health Tips: Drop the Holiday Rush

My jaw dropped when I heard Christmas music playing on a local radio station before Halloween.

While our modern society falls into a season of constant holiday consumption, it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in glittery commercials, overwhelming aromas walking in a store, and the hype of the newest toy or electronic device.

In this busy season where traffic around shopping malls snarls and the cold weather makes people more irritable, we all need a healthy reminder it’s okay to stop.

Saying “no” brings us back into listening to what we truly need in our daily lives. Here are some health tips for re-alignment:

  • Space, time, and energy.
    The trinity of re-alignment: these aspects of life are the foundational tools to keep you feeling at your best. Give yourself space for personal care, pad extra timing to your day to prevent stress, and be aware of when you need to stop.
  • Listen To Your Body.
    When every day is filled with holiday parties, wrapping up projects before the end of the year, and outings, we become worn down quickly. What activity do you need to let go of?
  • Avoid Sugar-Shock.
    The holidays are filled with sugary temptations. Sugar gives our body a temporary high, and then we crash. Focus on natural foods that have a hint of sweetness.
  • Eat Slower.
    Many health coaches include this tip in their nutritional recommendations. Why? We become aware of when we are full. In addition, our senses are also heightened. Taste and smell natural ingredients gives us a sense of pleasure. Instead of over indulging the senses, we discover the joy in simple recipes.
  • Foods for Warmth.
    These winter months call for warmer foods. Steaming vegetables, hearty soups, and steeping teas keep our bodies, and spirits, warm.

For a winter relaxation treat, visit The Apothecary for some Red Tea, made with fresh hibiscus. Add a cinnamon stick, steep in 8oz of boiling water.

Before stepping into that holiday shopping rush, take a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the season with family, friends, and most importantly, self care!

What does your body need this winter? Contact me for a strategy session to find out.

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