Recovering From the Holiday Blues

For so many reasons, the holidays stress us out.

Whether it’s that one crazy family member who grates on your nerves or the inability to stave off unhealthy desserts during the holidays, we find ourselves wound up, tied in a knot, and exhausted.

Sometimes, we can find processes that help bring us back to place of alignment. For example, taking time out during the day to breathe and re-discover your center or bringing a healthy snack to an office party or social gathering.

However, there are times when we have those holiday blues, and they don’t go away. We don’t want to get out of bed, burying ourselves from people, activities, and anxiety of the day.

Much like making New Year’s resolutions, recovering from the holiday blues gives an opportunity for renewal, coming back to self, purpose, and intentions.

Here are some tips that help your recovery process:

Back to the Basics
When you find yourself blah, return to the few basics that get you back on track. A cup of tea before the day gets started. The walk outside in the cold fresh air. Start with just one or two basics that are non-negotiables.

Immunity Jump-Start
All of these extraneous stressors bring our immunity down, and we can’t fight colds, the flu, and basic lethargy. A morning smoothie packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can provide a immunity jump-start back to health.

Discovering Joy
So much about the holiday season can be about compromise, negotiation, and getting through the season. Now that we’re back running, we are run down and put what makes us happy to the side. What brings you joy?

Clearing Out
In my Botanical Health practice, clearing the digestive system of toxins is the first place to start. We can’t bring on new practices or processes until we clear the old ones. Recovering from the blues starts with tossing out what doesn’t work. It may begin with clearing out herbs that are over a year old, tossing-out those old left-overs, creating boundaries with negative people, and creating a new space for health and wellness.

Don’t make it complicated or set yourself up for failure! Start with one or two easy practices that bring you back to yourself. Start today.

What does your body and mind need this winter to beat back those holiday blues? Contact me for a strategy session to find out.

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