Renewed Growth Underfoot

Spring always conjures up images and metaphors around renewed growth, a flower opening to the sun.

But for me, it’s the growth you can’t see that is fascinating.

Think about it, how many times we want to be somewhere, we have a goal we’re working towards. Yet, we are also learning and growing in ways we could never expect.

The roots that become deeper underground, more sustainable and solid.

As a Botanical Coach, I turn to nature to guide health and well being for my clients, but many times, it’s about how nature can support us in our daily lives whether it’s work, taking care of family, or taking time out for ourselves.

During the year, we get knocked around a bit. In the same way a plant loses leaves during a storm, we are weathered by the stresses of life. We experience loss and disappointment, and our bodies hold these experiences and stresses in different ways.

Creating space becomes just as important in sustaining ourselves, as recommending a particular nutritional guidelines or herb.

What kind of space do you need?

Does a quiet and calm, soothing environment suite you, or do you need loud, vibrating, and energetic surroundings?

Herbs, tonics, and supplements support what our body and soul needs.

Each spring cycle, it may be different from the year before. We have grown, changed, and moved through life. It’s looking beyond the surface, discovering the places that we have grown and changed, bringing new realizations to the surface.

What surroundings does your body need this spring?

Contact me for a strategy session to create the surroundings you need!

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