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Stinging Nettles for the Summer

Are you enjoying the outside sun, relaxing on the beach or hiking up a mountain for some cool, crisp relief from the summer heat? This summer, include a fun new herb into your recipes, stinging nettles (many times just called nettles). Okay, I hate to sound like I’m proclaiming it to the world, but I…

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Got Elderberry?

It’s that time of year.. do you have your Elderberry Syrup? If not, order here: http://bit.ly/uNRbdD and save $5 off your syrup order until 12/10/2011! Coupon code: ELD-FB .. Share this with friends and have a HEALTHY holiday season!   Support a local business and stay healthy. That’s a winning combination in my book. Enjoy!

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Vanishing Varicose Veins

Ladies, ladies, ladies..! There are only two of these AWESOME creams left. Vanishing Varicose Veins is a custom product. If you are pregnant and suffering from varicose veins, this is your chance to order a completely natural cream and save yourself the $35 custom consulting fee. Quick now…. when it’s gone.. it’s gone! 🙂

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