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Recovering From the Holiday Blues

For so many reasons, the holidays stress us out. Whether it’s that one crazy family member who grates on your nerves or the inability to stave off unhealthy desserts during the holidays, we find ourselves wound up, tied in a knot, and exhausted. Sometimes, we can find processes that help bring us back to place…

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Health Tips: Drop the Holiday Rush

My jaw dropped when I heard Christmas music playing on a local radio station before Halloween. While our modern society falls into a season of constant holiday consumption, it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in glittery commercials, overwhelming aromas walking in a store, and the hype of the newest toy or electronic device. In…

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Feeling Lighter: Herbs for Late Summer Dampness

Late summer begins the transition of the seasons, from the light of the sun in summer to the chilly months of hibernation. In the late fall, you may find yourself wanting to get outside more, opening the blinds to get more sun inside, and shifts in digesting and processing food. We can also feel more…

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