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Changing Seasons: Herbs for Warmth in the Winter

Just as nature moves in cycles, our bodies move differently through different seasons of life, and different seasons of the year. When we were younger, our bodies are continually growing and developing. I see this in the perpetual energy of my daughters. As we grow older, however, we experience changes in our bodies, energy, and…

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The Hidden Ninja: The Buzz and Benefits of Miso

Most of the Northeast has had a brutal winter this year, and we’re still digging out through snow mounds. We’ve all been looking for ways to stay warm, which has given me the perfect opportunity to play with soups, specifically fermented foods such as Miso and Tempeh. Most Americans hear of Miso Soup when they…

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Receive Your Botanical Coach Fermentation Ninja Certification

Do you wonder what nutrients are hidden in your kitchen that you aren’t taking advantage of? When we’re tired and hungry, it’s easy to revert back to the recipes, healthy or unhealthy that are comfort food. But we aren’t giving ourselves the nourishment we need! Through fermentation of grains and vegetables, there’s a whole power…

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